Medicinal Plants

In India there are more than thousands of medicinal plants that can be grown in different climates, different temprature. English medicines are useful but there could side-effect also if you will be continue with medicine for a long time. By using medicinal plants as a medicine we can reduce side effects. here is a list of problems where we can take medicinal uses of Medicinal plants.

  1. In Bones Problem.
  2. Bowles and Bladder.
  3. In Chest and Lungs problem
  4. Ear, Nose and Throat and Eyes.
  5. In Fever .
  6. Liver, Kidneys problems.
  7. Nerves and Muscles pain.
  8. For Pain Relief
  9. In Skin, Hands and Feet pain.
  10. Stomach problems
  11. Treatment of Wounds and Bruises

As we consider tulsi and neem they have old medicinal uses. in india most of medicinal plants Leaves and flowers used for worshiping purpose. e.g madar plants Leaves and flowers used for worshiping lord Hanuman.

Medicinal Tree Neem :- Its bark used for tonic and anti periodic.

Ajvain :- Main use of drug obtained by ajvain is for throwing out of squirms from stomach.

Chiraita:- Useful in Skin Desease, Burning, censation and fever.

Guggul:-Useful in paralysis and laxative.

Medicinal plant Tulsi:-Useful in Cough, Cold, bronchitis,expectorand.

Harida :-Trifala, wound ulcer, leprosy, inflammation, Cough. etc..In this I have shown medicinal plants uses with scientific classification and Images.

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scientific classification of Acanthus montanus

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Lamiales
Family: Acanthaceae
Genus: Acanthus
Species: A. montanus
Binomial name:Acanthus montanus
Common Name : Agamsoso .

Useful parts of Acanthus montanus :Acanthus montanus's roots used in any kind of medicinal purpose.
Medicnal uses of Acanthus montanus's roots : Root extracts useful in bath to Relieve aches and pains.
Acanthus montanus
Scientific classification of Adansonia digitata (baobab)
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Adansonia
Species: A. digitata
Binomial name:Adansonia digitata
Botanical Name :Adansonia digitata .
Common Name : Agba

Useful parts of Adansonia digitata (Agba) : Fruits pulps leaves and roots are useful .

Medicinal uses :Extract of the fruit pulp used as eyedrop to curemeasles. Leaves useful in treatment of liver and kidney diarrhoea.
Powdered roots given for malaria treatment.
Albizia procera
Common names :-Gujrati. Kalo-serasio,
				Hindi. Siris ; 
				Marathi. Kala-shirish.
A tall, almost evergreen tree common in the moist forests of the Konkan and N. Kanara, and also in the dry Deccan. Young branches arc eaten by cattle.

Common names : Tarul ,
			  Holematti ,
			Nava, Taman.
A large deciduous tree growing in southern Konkan and N. Kanara gkats along the banks of nalas and rivers; sometimes planted as an ornamental tree. Loaves arc eaten, by cattle. Medicinal-plants.

Classification of Achimenes
Scientific classification
Kingdom: 	Plantae
(unranked): 	Angiosperms
(unranked): 	Eudicots
(unranked): 	Asterids
Order: 	Lamiales
Family: 	Gesneriaceae
Genus: 	Achimenes

A genus of herbaceous, tuberous-rooted, showy flowering plants; flowering during the rains, flowers with mauve, white, purple, pale-blue shades; suitable for hanging pots and shady borders; propagated by tubers.
Achimenes Hirsuta
Family – Gesneriaceae

A small hairy plant; a native of Brazil. Flowers reddish, with yellow eye and spotted throat.

Telanthera Ficoidea
Family – Amarantaceae.
A small plant. Its leaves take a fine crimson colour from July to September. A favourite edging plant in the gardens. Native if Triopical America.

Emilia occionea | Osiisi Botanical Name :Emilia occionea
Comon Name : Osiisi
Useful parts of Osiisi : its Leaves are useful in the medicinal purpose.
Medicinal uses :this plants leaves extract used to cure earache .

Dennettia tripelata | Umimi
Scientific classification of Dennettia tripelata
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Magnoliids
Order: Magnoliales
Family: Annonaceae
Genus: Uvariopsis
Species: U. tripetala
Botanical Name : Dennettia tripelata
Common Name : Umimi

Useful pats of Dennettia tripelata(Umimi): Alcoholic extract of roots

Cosmos Tenuifolins
A slender leaved plant with its varieties is a charming annual for the rainy season.

Cyathocline Lyrata
Classification of Cyathocline Lyrata

Scientific classification
Kingdom: 	Plantae
(unranked): 	Angiosperms
(unranked): 	Eudicots
(unranked): 	Asterids
Order: 	Asterales
Family: 	Asteraceae
Genus: 	Cyathocline
Type species
Cyathocline lyrata
A slender delicate annual herb. Stems branched; leaves pinnaticfied; flowers, rose-purple, in heads arranged in small rounded corymbose panicles. Flowers November-March; Usually met with on the banks of streams and in moist localities. Worth growing in gardens in moist regions. A native of India.

Coreopsis Tinctoria
Classification of Coreopsis Tinctoria
Scientific classification
Kingdom: 	Plantae
(unranked): 	Angiosperms
(unranked): 	Eudicots
(unranked): 	Asterids
Order: 	Asterales
Family: 	Asteraceae
Genus: 	Coreopsis
Species: 	C. tinctoria
Binomial name
Coreopsis tinctoria

A well known tall handsome annual, a native of America. The flower heads have long yellow rays and a maroon coloured disk. It is a very common plant in the gardens. Flowering in rainy season. Propagated by seeds.

Delphinium Dasycaulon | Ghat Larkspur
Family – Ranunculaceae
Common Name – Ghat Larkspur
A very handsome herbaceous plant, with bright blue flowers, in loose racemes. Flowers in August-September. Rather rare plant; found wild near Junnar, Purandhar, Sinhagad, Torna and other hills in the Poona district. Worth growing in the gardens.

Exacum Bicolor | Udichirayet
Family – Gentianaceae
Common Name – Maharastra:- Udichirayet
An erect annual with quadrangular stem. Leaves very variable. Flowers showy in copious terminal cymes. The lower half of the corolla lobes white, the upper blue. Flowers in August-November; wild in pasture lands in Konkan, Mawal, Deccan, and S.M. Country; worth growing in gardens. Propagated by seeds.

Exacum Pumilum
Family – Gentianaceae
A very small herbaceous annual with tetragonal stem. Leaves lanceolate. Flowers in lax cymes, bluish-purple, with prominent yellow anthers. A beautiful herb. Flowers in August-September. Pretty common in grasslands during the rains in Konkan and S.M.Country. Worth growing in gardens. Propagated by seeds.

Exacum Tetragonum
Family – Gentianaceae
An elegant herb resembling E.Bicolor, but is distinguished by flowers with corolla lobes azure blue. Propagated by seeds.

Kydia Calycina | Ranbhendy | Warang. | Patari
Taxonomy of Kydia Calycina
Family .—Malvaceae.
Common name :—Patari, Lolebende, Ranbhendy, Warang. A small or moderate-sized tree; common in the deciduous forests on the Konkan . Found on dry Deccan hills of the Poona district.

Artocarpus integra | Phanas |Vanas
Scientific classification of Artocarpus integra
Kingdom: 	Plantae
(unranked): 	Angiosperms
(unranked): 	Eudicots
(unranked): 	Rosids
Order: 	Rosales
Family: 	Moraceae
Tribe: 	Artocarpeae[1]
Genus: 	Artocarpus
Common names :— Vanas , Chakki ,Panesa ,Phanas.
A largo evergreen tree; indigenous in the forests of Western Ghats : cultivated near villages throughout Konkan . Leaves and rind of ripe fruit are eaten by cattle.