Centalla asiatica Plant | Brahmi Herb | Medicinal uses


Botanical Name:Centalla asiatica.
Indian Common names:-thankhuriya, brahmi, brahmi buti, brihmi, bokkudu..etc..
Nature of Brahmi:-It is mostly a creeping stems which bear roots on their nodes..
It is well known as indian pennywort..
Brahmi Leaves:-Leaves are small .
The size of the single leaves near about 2 to 4 cm in diameter. Sometimes they are rounded or kidney shaped.
Brahmi Flowers:- Flowers are minute and pinkish –red in colour.
Fruits of Brahmi:Fruits are small with 8-9 ridged.
Medicinal uses Centalla asiatica Plant (“Brahmi”) :-

This plants grows in moist climates so mostly we can see this plants near bank of river and sometimes near ponds also. Drug obtained by this plant through their fresh and dried leaves and stem also. For preparation of medicine root and seeds are also useful.. This plant gives asiaticoside, which is useful in leprosy.. This plant gives certain kinds of “tuberculosis” also..which we can know as a tonic of brain.

Scientific classification of Brahmi Herb

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: magnoliophyta
Class: magnoliopsida
order: apiales
Family: mackinlayaceae
Genus: centella
species: c. Asiatica

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