Scientific classification of Tinospora cordifolia

gulvel plant
Kingdom: Plantae
Class: magnoliopsida
Species:T. Cordifolia

Gulvel | Tinospora cordifolia |Medicinal uses | Amruta | Images

Botanical Name:Tinospora cordifolia.
Indian Common And Local Name:Gulvel,Amruta.
Nature of Tinospora cordifolia:

It is a extensive perennial climber with grayish stem and tubercles on the surface. It gives out hanging roots from the stem. The leaves are broad and heart-shaped. The plant bears minute yellow flowers on long spikes

Special Characteristics of Tinospora cordifolia: The stem is gray with tubercles and has bitter test to its exude

Medicinal uses of Tinospora cordifolia :

The stem dried along with the bark is source of medicine. It is a bitter tonic, useful in all types of liver problems. It is also given to reduce body heat ("kadki").The plant is also useful in the treatment of jaundice. Important ayurvadic preparation like Amrutarishta and Gelvelsatva are obtained from this plant.

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