Thursday, 25 February 2016

Acalypha Indica | Khokahli

Acalypha Indica |  Khokahlikuppi

Family:- Euphorbiaceae
Common name:-
Hindi:- khokali,kuppi

Medicinal uses of Acalypha Indica :- the whole plant of this herb collected in its flowering stages; and dried, constituents the drugs Acalypha.

The properties of this drug resemble those of is useful in broncitis
,asthma, pneumonia and rheumatism, its roots and leaves have laxative properties. juice of leaves is considered an efficient emetic, that is ,a medicine for causing vomiting. A product of fresh leaves is useful on ulcers.

Nature- An annual herb, up about 75cm high. Leaves 3-8cm long ,ovate, thin usually 3-nerved;margins of the leaves toothed; leafstalks longer than leaves. flowers auxiliary erect spikes; female flower supported by conspicuous wedge-shaped bracts: male flower : minute , borne towards the top of their spike. Fruits small, hairy, concealed in the bracts.

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