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Adhatoda zeylanica | Arusa| Vasaka

 Classification of Adhatoda  zeylanica and Image.
Arusa image

Common and local names:-

Description of Adhatoda  zeylanica:-A tall much-branched, dence, evergreen shrub, with large, lance-shaped leaves. Flowers in dense, short spikes; stalks of the spike shorter than leaves. Leaves-like structure called bracts, present on the spikes; these are conspicuously veined. Corolla(the whorls of petals) of the flower is white few purplish markings. Fruits capsular, 4-seeded.

Medicinal uses of Arusa: The "drug use" from the fresh or dried leaves of the plant. Leaves contain an alkaloid vasicine, and an essential oil. The chief use of vasaka is as an expectorant; it is given in the form of juice, syrup or decoration, It softens the thick sputum, facilitates its coming out and thus bring about quick relief in bronchitis. The expectorant activity is due to stimulation of bronchial glands. Larger doses can, however, cause irritation and vomiting. Recent experiments have confirmed the usefulness of vasaka.

• The leaves of this plant are also utilized as green manure and for yielding a yellow dye.

• Due to the presence of certain alkaloids, the leaves are not easily attacked by fungi and insects, and are, therefore, used in packing or storing fruits.

• The leaves emit an unpleasant smell and are spared from browsing; the plan is, therefore, suitable for planting in soil reclamation programmed, seeds are also useful..

more plants species are there....

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