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Aegles marmelos | bel | Images | classification

Common name : bel
Botanical name: aegle marmelos
Family :rutaceae
nature-a medium-size deciduuous tree bearing strong axillary thorn.

leaves with 3 or 5 leaflets.

flowers greenish-white, sweet-scented,about 2.5cm across, in small bunches.
fruits 8-20 cm diameter, globes, green, finally grevish:

this tree occurs in the submontane region and plains almost throught is also

 uses:-the wood is suitable for making charcoal for producer gas plants.

the gummy substance, in which the seeds remain embedded, is used as an adhesive,

and in varnishes and cementing mixtures.the rind of unripe fruit yields a yellow


It is a tree with strong axillary thorns and trifoliat leaves. fruits are round in shape , woody with orang-coloured sweet aromatic pulp.


Throughout india on plains and perfers dry climate.
characteristic of Aegle marmelos
Trioliat leaves used for worshipping'lord shiva'. fruits are edible.

Medicnal uses of Aegle marmelos

Leaves and fruits are used in medicine. fruits cotain mucilage and pectin; and are used in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery. its pulp gives cooling effect, hence used for preparing "sharbat". unripe fruits used for improving appetite. Fruit pulp used in ayurvedic medicine.

position: Fairly common in in dry parts of india.
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