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Andrographis Paniculata | Kalmegh

Scientific cassification of Andrographis Paniculata

Kingdom: Plantae
kalmeghOrder: Lamiales
Family: Acanthaceae
Genus: Andrographis
Species: A. paniculata

Common names:-kirayat, kulufnath, olikiryata, kirata, nila vembu Creat,kirait...etc..

Nature:-it is an straight branched yearly herb, which is piercingly four at an angle.

Leaves:-leaves are mostly cut shaped.

Flowers:-flowers are mostly small in size with dispersion and thin bunches.

Fruits:-fruits are in capsule like shape with 2.2 centimeter large.

Medicinal uses:-this plants is useful in snake-bite, by the search it shows that plants has and antibiotic properties.the drug which obtained by this plants roots is a bitter tonic which is well known as kalmegh. That is useful in remedial fever,insects, general flaw. It is useful for children pain from lever and absorption problems..Its roots and leave are useful in medicinal purpose , useful in kalmeghine, tonic which made by this plants are useful in curing fever. this plants all the parts are bitter hence the plant is used in ayurvedic preparation.

It is a Herb with hard branching.
Four-angled stem is very small with linear leaves. fruit and capsule is about 2 centemeter long.

Distribution: This plant occurs in india.

Medicinal uses of Androgrophis paniculata

Position of Androgrophis paniculata:

mostly in in dry places and grows as like a grass.

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