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Berberis Aristata | Daru Haldi

Scientific  classification of  berberis aristata  | daru haldi

Kingdom: plantae
daru haldi image
Division: magnoliophyta
Class: magnoliopsida
Order: ranunculales
Family: berberidaceae
Genus: berberis
Common names:-daru haldi, daruhald,rasvat,maramanjal.. Etc.
Nature:-it is shrub.

Leaves:- fascicled in axile of branched,simple spines, veins vary spines..

Flowers:-flowers are mostly yellow in colour with short bunches.

Fruits:-fruits are mostly bluish in colour.

Medicinal uses:-berberis belongs of dried roots of this plants and also of positive other personally related plants go to the same type. Mostly roots bark and inferior stems used with boiled water, stressed and condensed till a semi- solid mass is obtained which is known as rasaut.

Rasaut is practical outwardly on eye lids to treat ophthalmia. It is also useful in fever.
The root and stem give up a yellow dye, which is mostly used for flogging and purifying leather.
The drug also used sometimes in malarial fever.
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