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Butea monosperma images| flameoftheforest | Palash

Scientific classification of Butea monosperma and image with Taxonomy
Kingdom: Plantae
Palas tree
Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Butea
Species: B. monosperma

Botanical name:butea monosperma

Description:-palas is well-known tree of india.its scarlet and orange flowers come in such profusion that the tree has been very aptly name the "flame of the forest". leaves compound and each leaf comprising three leaflets
flowers appear in about February to march.the fruit is a flat pod having a single seed.

Distribution:- more common in the plains or lower regions of hills.

Medicianl uses of Palash: Flowers of this plant are diuretic. gum of the tree is known as "bengal kino" and contains tannin, used in the treatment of diarrhea. seeds are used anthelmintic, in the treatment of worms.
Gum "bengal" and flowers yield yellow dye.
provides excellent habitat for lac insect.
leaves used for making plate sand bowls.
this tree is highly valued as a host tree for the lac insect,
the flower yield a yellow dye. Leaves are largely used for making bowls and plates for serving food, and as fodder.

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