Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ferula Narthex Boiss | Hing | Sap | Yang

Scientific classification of Ferula narthex boiss (hing)

Kingdom: plantae

Division: magnoliophyta

Class: magnoliopsida

Order: fabales

Family: fabaceae

Subfamily: faboideae

Tribe: galegeae

Genus: glycyrrhiza

Common names:-sap, yang, hengu, hing, balhika, inguva..etc..

Nature:-it is a big permanent herb with healthy carrot-shaped roots.

Leaves:-leaves are two kinds the lower one is simple and 25-65 cm longand elliptical. Whereas upper

Part of this leave is separated into numerous segments. Young leaves are hairy..

Flowers:-flowers are small and mostly yellow in color.

Fruits:-fruits are mostly 10 mm long concerning semi as broader.

Medicinal uses:-its mostly used as a flavor . It is vital in incline in most pulses and vegetable curry

Arrangements.. It has a some narcotic is refreshment for respiratory and nervous system.

It is practical outwardly on stomach to excite the bowels.

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