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Mallotus Philippensis | Senduri

Scientific classification of Mallotus Philippensis .

Kingdom    :   Plantae
Division      : Magnoliophyta
Class          : Magnoliopsida
Order          : Malpighiales
Family         : Euphorbiaceae
Subfamily    : Acalyphoideae
Tribe            : Acalypheae
Subtribe       : Rottlerinae
Genus           :     Mallotus

Common Names:-kamela, rohini, senduri, gangai,shendri, ..etc..
Nature:-it is a evergreen tree.

Leaves:-leaves alternate, borne on long stalks, size about 5-20 cm long.

Flowers:-female flowers in erect 5-9 cm long, long spikes: male flowers are yallow in colour , in 7-15 cm long.

Fruits:-fruits are 5-15 mm , roundish, -3 lobed and densely covered with reddish brown , powdery substance and minute hair which are easily rubbed out.

Medicinal Uses of Mallotus Philippensis (Senduri):- this plant mostly known as a kamela.
Which is chiefly use as a destroying tapeworms.
 The kamela poweder is taken with milk.
If one dose of kamela does not expel the worm, the dose is repeated.
“Kamela”is purgative. Its also useful in the treatment of skin deseases, like ringworm and scabies.
The oil which obtained from the seeds is being used in paints and varnishes.
due to the good drying properties the oil is much valued in the painting works.
Kamela poweder is used by women as sendur (vermillion).
The wood is used as a domestic articles and fuel..

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