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Mentha Species | Pudina classification | image

Scientific classification of pudina and Image.
Mentha Species Pudina
Pudina plant

kingdom: plantae
division: magnoliophyta
class: magnoliopsida
order: lamiales
family: lamiaceae
genus: mentha
Local and common name:-Pudina ,Pudinhara ,

This plant is related to the menthe genus and its aromatic herbs.

many more species grows wild; some of there cultivated.

the chief constituent for which these plants are valued are menthol and peppermint oil.

this medicinal plant is an erect branched herb up to about 55 cm high.

leaves up to 6 cm long. flowers small, in small brunches, borne on axile leaves,medicinal seeds are also very useful.

Medicinal uses of pudina plant :- The dried leaves and flowering tops of the plant make the drug peppermint, this drugs use in treatment of vomiting and nausea. bruised leaves are applied in headache and other pains.

the main use of drugs is or extraction for peppermint oil and is largely used in medicine for stomach disorders the oil is also antiseptic at here is several name of (pudina) like koshu ,horsemint

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