Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mulethi "madhuyasthi"

Scientific classification of mulethi
Kingdom: plantae
Division: magnoliophyta
Class: magnoliopsida
Order: fabales
Family: fabaceae
Subfamily: faboideae
Tribe: galegeae
Genus: glycyrrhiza
Species: g. Glabra

Common names:-madhuyasthi, jethi madh, mulathi, atimadhuram, jasthi madhu ..etc..

Nature:- it is a herb. Its size about 1.8 meter high.

Leaves:-leaves are compound. Each leaflets with 4 – 7 pairs.

Flowers:-flowers are light violet in colour, small in size,.

Fruits:- fruits are 1-4 cm long, they are flat and densely covered with small pointed outgrowths.

Medicinal uses:-for making of drugs this plants dried roots and subversive stems are useful..its well known as liquorice which promotes urination and its flow of urine activity as also antimycins.its powder mixed with butter and honey , is useful on cuts and wounds. because of its fresh test and soft properties , liquorice is largely used in adding of syrups. The leaves of this plants , when applied as a plaster are believed to be useful in burns of the head..
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