Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ricinus communis | erand | arandi |bherenda | Haralu

Ricinus communis | erand | arandi |bherenda | Haralu
Common names:-Erand, arandi,bherenda. Haralu etc..


Nature:- it is a shrub.

Leaves:-leaves are bulky, circular in outline, broad and partially separated into 7 lobes.

Flowers:-flowers mostly bulky in size with in big incurable bunches.

Fruits:-fruits are like a thorny container , somewhat noticeable into six parts.seeds four-sided figure ,
Seed –coat crustaceous.

Medicinal uses:-this plants seeds are useful in the medicine. The seeds are toxic and yet 3 or 4 seeds can be lethal. Oil which obtained from the seeds known as castor-oil, which is used as laxative. Castor-oil is used in marketing in birth control device jellies and creams.
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