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Withania Somnifera | Ashvagandha

Withania Somnifera  | Ashvagandha
Ashvagandha Fruit

Kingdom : Plantae

Subkingdom : Tracheobionta

Division : Magnoliophyta

Class : Magnoliopsida

Subclass : Asteridae

Order : Solanales

Family : Solanaceae

Genus : Withania

Species : W.Somanifera

Indian Name:- Ashvagandha,Amukkiran,Ghoda,Asor..

Nature :’-its is a small middle-sized under shrub, to the height of 1.4 m, stem and branches covered with minute star- shaped hairs.

Leaves : leaves up to 10 cm long, ovate, hairy like branched.

Flower :-flowers are pale green, small about 1 cm long, few flower borne, smooth red, enclosed in the inflated and membranous calyx.

Medicinal Uses:-Ashvagandha is useful in Consumption and Sexual And Rheumation.
 It Is Diuteric
.It Promotes Urination Acts As A Narcotic Nd Removes Functional Obstruction Of Body .The Root Powder Is Applied Locally On Ulcers And Inflammations.
The Antibiotic And Antibiotical Activity Of The Roots As Well As Leaves Has Recently Been Shown Experimentally.
Withania coagulense occurs in north western india. Its.Its Fruits are Useful In digestive and liver complaints.

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