Monday, 7 March 2016

Citrus medica | Turanj | Mahalunga

Citrus medica garden plant | image(picture) | Taxonomy and classification

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Sapindales
citrus medica
Family: Rutaceae
Genus: Citrus
Species: C. medica
Binomial name Citrus medica

Common names of Citrus medica
English- Citron;
Gujrati. Bijoru;
Hindi. Turanj ;
Marathi- Mahalunga.
Description and uses of Citrus medica Tree

Citrus medica a small tree.
The fruit is large, skin warty and rough and the rind very thick.
The pulp is bitter and acidic, pale-white in colour.
The fruit is used for pickles and preserves.

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