Friday, 18 March 2016

Dendrobium barbatulum

: Dendrobium barbatulum
Botanical name : Dendrobium barbatulum Lindl.
Family : Orchidaceae
Distribution : India
Description : Epiphytic herb, Stem 5-10 cm long,  leafless when flowering. Flowers creamy white to bluish-pink, in about 5.8 cm long terminal 5-6-flowered racemes; petals obovate, obtuse, 7-veined; lip 3-lobed, side lobes ovate, obtuse, midlobe obovate, truncate at apex, disc with an oblong callus and yellow hairs.

Flowering & Fruiting : January – July
Medicinal uses : Extract obtained form pseudobulbs is administered orally to treat stomach-ache and improve digestion.

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