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Fruit tree Citrus grandis "Papnas" | Cicca acida

Fruit tree Citrus grandis
Family — Rutacese.
Common names of Citrus grandis
English. Pomelo ;
Gujrati. Popnas;
Marathi. Papnas.
Description and uses of Fruit tree Citrus grandis
Citrus grandis is Fruit Trees with A round headed bushy tree, a native of Malaya.
It occupies about 3000 acres to Cultivate.
Varieties of Fruit tree Citrus grandis
Red or rose flesh
White flesh.
The former is very popular and sweeter than the latter.
An intermediate variety with pink flesh is occasionally found.
The fruit is eaten along with sugar or salt and is much relished.

Taxonomy of Cicca acida
Common names of Cicca acida
Country gooseberry , Amla , Harparauri ,Kirnelli , Rai-amba.
Description and uses of Cicca acida tree
A small tree.
Cultivated in gardens .
It bears fruits twice a year—once in April-May and again at the end of rains.
The fruit is extremely sour and is usually eaten cooked with sugar.
It is also made into pickle.
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