Friday, 18 March 2016

Paracalyx scariosus (Roxb.) Ali | Ran ghevada

Paracalyx scariosus (Roxb.) Ali
Botanical name : Paracalyx scariosus (Roxb.) Ali
Common name : Ran ghevada

Family : Fabaceae

Distribution : Native of India, Burma and Siam

Description : Twiners, extensive; stems and branches woody, finely downy or tomentose.  Leaves trifoliate, alternate; Leaflets 3, terminal rhomboid, laterals obliquely ovate, velvety pubescent, apex acute, base rounded. Flowers yellow, in axillary peduncled racemes. Pods oblique, downy, 1–seeded.

Flowering & Fruiting : November – April

Medicinal uses : Used in epilepsy and to induce sleep. The fruit is acrid and bitter, improves taste, appetizer, and astringent to the bowels. The plant enriches the blood, cures biliousness, liver disorders and “kapha”. It is good for throat troubles, causes flatulence. The root is useful for treating dysentery and leucorrhoea and also applied externally along with other drugs to reduce tumors.

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