Friday, 18 March 2016

Tragia involucrata Linn | Aag paan

Tragia involucrata Linn.
Botanical name : Tragia involucrata Linn.
Common name : Aag paan, Khaj-kolti

Family : Euphorbiaceae

Distribution : India and Sri Lanka

Description : Slender, twining herbs with stinging hairs. Leaves ovate or elliptic, base acute or rounded, margin serrate, apex acuminate, hispidulous on both sides. Spikes axillary, monoecious, to 2 cm long; male flowers above, female flowers 1-2, at the base. Capsule 3-lobed, hispid. Seeds globose.

Flowering & Fruiting : November – January
Medicinal uses : Roots are diaphoretic, alterative, diuretic and blood purifier. They are valued in febricula and in itching of the skin, also for pains in legs and arms. Roots are also used in old veneral complaints and externally in enlarged spleen; decoction of the roots is useful in relieving bronchitis and the attendant fever. The fruits are rubbed on head with a little water to cure baldness. Leaf juice is given for Jaundice.

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