Friday, 18 March 2016

Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq | Thinjhira

Botanical name : Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq.
Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq image

Common name : Thinjhira

Family : Tiliaceae

Distribution : Throughout the tropics.

Description : Herb, much branched. Leaves rhomboid-ovate, stellate or simple hairy to glabrescent, palmately 3-lobed or not, acute at the apex, cuneate-cordate at base, irregularly serrate. Flowers golden yellow, subsessile. Capsule globose or subglobose, indehiscent, tomentose, glabrous, uncinate spines.

Flowering & Fruiting : August – November
Medicinal uses : Fruits, flowers and leaves are used as demulcent and astringent. Bark and fresh leaves are used in diarrhoea and dysentery. Flowers rubbed with sugar and water is given in gonorrhoea to stop burning. Fruits are believed to promote parturition. Roots are tonic, diuretic and cooling; used in dysentery; hot infusion is taken by the women to facilitate childbirth.
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